Service & Repair 

Just don’t know what you need?

  • Something doesn’t look, feel or smell right?
  • Didn't see my issue on the list?
  • Husband said to call?
  • Wife said to call?
  • Mom or Dad said to call?

Maintenance & Safety

 Maintaining the health and safety of your vehicle.  

  • Change Oil and filter 
  • Rotate Tires & Check Tire Pressure
  • Inspect Brake System
  • Inspect Cooling System
  • Inspect Battery
  • Inspect Air Filter
  • Inspect all Fluids with top off 

No worries! We can help you with that to. Bumper to Bumper is what we do - 951-325-8328

Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Air conditioner hasn’t been serviced since last summer?
  • The kids are sweating in the back seat?
  • OMG! What is that smell coming out of our vents?
  • Fan doesn’t work or making funny noise?
  • Blowing warm or hot when set to cool?
  • Blowing cool when set to warm?
  • Defroster not working?
  • Engine over heating or idling funny when air conditioning is on?

Brake Service & Repair 

  • Screeching, squeaking, grinding, or rubbing? 
  • Vibration or pulsation in peddle or stirring wheel?
  • Extended pushing in order to stop?
  • Yikes! What is that burning smell?

Cooling System Service & Repair

  • Cooling system hasn’t been checked in a while?
  • Green fluid leaking?
  • Engine over heating?
  • Temperature light is on?
  • Temperature gauge reads higher or lower than normal
  • Heater in the car does not work?

Engine & Computer Diagnostics

  • Recognize any of these? 
  • Check Engine light?
  • Service Engine Soon light?
  • ABS light?
  • Trac light?

Engine & Transmission Repair 

  • Response issuses?
  • Check engine light?
  • Hesitation and delay in gear shifting?
  • Humming, clunking, whining, ticking or knocking noise?
  • Leaking fluids?
  • Smoke?

Additional Services 

Coming Soon! 

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